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With many manufacturers reducing their Reduced Wholesaler Discount and many more reducing or ceasing their Manufacturers Discount Schemes (MDS) we have had a deep dive into the profitability and pitfalls if PIs. We have created a new dedicated section for PIs where we will provide a list of Positive PIs, which are more cost-effective than UK brands. There are many Negative PIs, which will make you worse off if you use them instead of UK brand. The Spot Order Pad automatically recognises the Negative PIs and prevents you from ordering them from our preferred provider. If you are signed up to order PIs from your main wholesalers, this will not prevent your main wholesalers from providing you with a Negative PI.

We will be adding Positive PIs to our PI section on a monthly basis and all PIs are assessed each month against our preferred provider’s PI prices.

Remember, If you do not use our Preferred Provider for PIs, please check your providers prices as there may be significant differences, turning Positive PIs into Negative PIs depending upon the supplier. (click the button above for more information).

Parallel Imports